12 thoughts on “?? Two 4 Tuesday – Open Tag by Tom @knifedelights7473”

  1. Great to have you back my friend. That SAK 2 is great, the second blade shape is ideal for parcels. First time I've seen it too, shame on me!

    Cheeky sneak in of the extra knives too. I approve!

  2. Hi Gus, great to see you back, sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully you are coping ok.
    Fantastic Victorinox knives, I have the Swiss Army 2, a great useful all purpose knife and I have been thinking of buying the classic.
    Thanks again and take care

  3. Gus it's fubar I had a friend and family member pass away from cancer hell I had to prep and dress my dead granpa it can make or break you it made Mr strong because my martial arts training I use reverse psychology turns a negative into a positive but that aside great cutters ya got especially that whittler I now got a flat has to wait a week to collect keys then I can move in and go foraging in woods and bushcrafting I been carving golf balls too so probably hunt em out being a fox furry I'm great at tracking things lol hence my picture profile a fox with a shillaglah I also hand carve ?????

  4. Happy Wednesday Gus, congratulations on passing the 1K subscribers mark, on to 2K!! You can't beat Victorinox for top quality at a budget friendly price and the Swiss Army 1 and 2 are industry standards that put to shame over priced slip joints that cost $200 – $300. I own both models as well as a Swiss Army 6 and fair number of Pioneers, various coloured Pioneer X's , Pioneer Electrician & Farmer X's, Alox Bantams, Alox Cadets, various coloured Alox Classics & a red Alox Mini-Champ. ATB Steve in Tel Aviv.

  5. I only have 1 Alox at the moment, the Electrician (for that lovely small sheepsfoot blade). Have been tempted to pick up the Swiss Army 1 recently as well though!

    Great video ?

    Good to see you back buddy & sorry to hear the circumstances of why you were away.

  6. Hey Gus , good to see you back my man. You' be got to go for the No. 2 over the No.1. That billhook is awesome. My favourite Pioneer variant is the No. 7 , when I'm working , mostly my secondary carry. Don't forget to look after yourself my friend, ATB Tony.????????

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