19 thoughts on “?free Niche Research Method for Print on Demand”

  1. Thanks heaps for this Phillip. I truly would love to know what is the 'maximum' number of search results to be mindful of, where anything over that amount, you're getting into too saturated a market? Therefore, anything 'under' that number is something one could target. Thanks so much!

  2. I want to create print-on-demand designs about Disney films, characters, or a popular series/a film like breaking bad. Is my shop is can be suspended or this allowed on Etsy, amazon, etc.?

  3. Can you resolve a simple question for me m8, why when I put up a design "specifically" designed for a white and light t-shirt, and i picked light coloured not!!! black!! Amazon, after processing shows my design with black background this has happened with the past 2 designs and, seems to only have happened since I started using that producter extension, so annoying and irritating, and i can't seem to edit Amazon black background away!!!!!!!???

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