16 thoughts on “10 Amazon FBA Secrets – Watch Before You Start Selling!”

  1. Hello guys,
    I have this situation specifically in Amazon USA when going through the identity re-verification process, also called: SIV.
    The account is 3 years old, perfect health, it is owned by a company in the USA, and I am the personal contact. When doing the re-verification process, my personal residence changed from USA ( when i first opened the account ) to SPAIN ( actual time ), but they answered me to open a new account with another email, to which I have answered: of course not, since only the residence of the contact changes, and not the company that owns the account. This should not be a problem. Do you have or have you had a similar experience ? Since seller support cannot solve it, it is a special area that only responds in a generic way all the time every time. The company owning the account is an LLC C-corp legally stablished in the USA 13 years ago.

    Thanks for your help !

  2. Hello Travis,

    Quick question, do you think I could sell in India? I’m based in the United States but I was wondering if I could sell in India since I see there’s not a lot of competition over there but correct me if I’m wrong. Because their website doesn’t show a lot of stuff like US Amazon website. So I was just curious if I could sell in India?

  3. Awesome video and thank you for your time and tips.?

    Dear, Iam new on amazon FBA in Sweden but I bought a lot of courses from UDM and Iam selling in Sweden but its very small marketplace.
    I want start selling on next market what you recommend?
    Germeny, USA or Uk?

  4. Hey Travis, I love your channel! Thanks for all of great content! I was wondering if I could I use the brand registry perks for exercise equipment even though the class for my trademark is under “clothing and apparel”? Thanks again!

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