42 thoughts on “10 UK & US DropShipping Suppliers free 2023 ????”

  1. Hi, thanks for these valuable information. I've learned a lot from you. Tried to download the supplier list but it doesn't exist now. Could you please check the link?

  2. Hi
    I really like your content which is really helpful. could you make a video about how to deal with dropship return item that will be really appreciated.

  3. Salam
    Can you plz guide about 1 point?
    How to find item location on onbuy??
    When we creat a listing on ebay and list the onbuy product what will be the shipping and item location information so that our new account do not face tracking issues??

  4. Salam zain bhai..this is Irfan from Bolton. I am totally new to this online selling and following you regularly and very motivated now may I ask
    Is there anyway to speak with you over the phone please
    Kind regards

  5. AOA zain bhai i am from pakistan struggling with monthly expenses
    Mother of 3 children
    I learned ebay ds from ur and other channels haven't started selling yet. My question is that profit margins are very low in ds how and where to hunt profitable products from any specific neche your answer will boost my confidence

  6. Zain bhai kindly help me i already making my account on ebay and i connect cj dropshiping with ebay but when i do listing The problem is coming store when i putting my store name than also again than problem coming waiting your reply ? thanks Selamat raho ❤

  7. Hi zain, i wanted to know . Does your course covers about taxes and import duties for importing from china? And also is there any access to community where i can ask questions? Thanks love your videos

  8. Bro if you can accept 100 USD in advance drop shipping course per month,
    I can pay you…

    Rest payment I can pay you after I start earning, even if I don't earn I will pay you at that time.

  9. what is dropshipping? is it a case of linking a warehouse to your ebay/etsy/amazon account then putting a price on it on your ebay account but when a person buys it the warehouse itself sends out the product and you keep the difference. so you don't actually have or send out the product?

  10. Hi zain! You always mentioned CJ for ebay dropping, but CJ's products are much more expensive than the ebay. This is the problem, can you recommend the cheapest sourcing platform pls?

  11. zain many more person asking for me it's hala or haram so my answer
    It is halal where the pay company allows it, where it is forbidden where you bypass the company's policy, it is neither completely halal nor haram.
    can zain u agree with me?

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