$1,000/Day Net Profit Selling On Amazon FBA | Strategy Revealed

Want to know how to make $1000/day net profit selling on Amazon FBA? This video will reveal how myself and my students were …

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20 thoughts on “$1,000/Day Net Profit Selling On Amazon FBA | Strategy Revealed”

  1. Hi tamaraa, i do really appreciate what youve done in the past years and i also started with my amazon fba journey.. people are saying you would need a minimum 5-10k to start an amazon fba business.. in my opinion, it depends.. it depends on the marked, on your product, on your product manufacturing cost etc.. i know people who started with just as little 1000usd their amazon PL business and have done 2.5k net profit on their very first month.. it just depends.. yiu cant exactly say someone you need 5k to start out.. ive started a test order of just 9 bundle units.. and i know the unit count is very low.. and i cant profit.. but thats just testing, im analysing how exactly ppc works, what the customers want etc.. to have a much more knowledge to start later out.. ive just got 6 sales in 2 days and since ive reached 2 sales my product want from the page 7-8 to right above page 1 even if my competitors were selling roughtly 50-60units a day.. hows that possible to just have 2 order and get to page one.. i mean that really great. But isnt it too fast?

  2. When you buy from Alibaba, the products don't have a barcode. How do you then list your Alibaba product on Amazon? Do you always have to brand your product? For example, when you "brand" a hair scrunchie, whero do they put the branding label?

  3. Hi Tamara good day I'm just wondering if you please make a video regarding freight costing and how to get a cheaper freight forwarder that can ship the item going to Amazon warehouse. Because currently I won't deny it is so expensive when the manufacturer do costing for shipping. Thank you in advance.

  4. Hey Tamara, I have got to $3000/day sales, but my profit is low as high FBA return rates. And my return rates growing each year. I don't think it is product quality problem. It is probably because more and more people taking advantage of Amazon free return policy. Can you do a video on how to reduce FBA return rate,

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