1. I enjoy all your videos. My wife and I reserved a CR-V RS e:HEV (ASEAN release) and can't wait to drive it, but your videos are next best thing to the real drive. Someday, enthusiasts may be able to hack the engine and battery management system for better performance. I'm almost certain it is all preset to conservative settings, but the motors can give much more.

  2. Nothing to do with this video in particular, but has anyone successfully installed a 3rd party, Class 3 tow hitch (I know Curt makes one) on 2023 Sport Touring Hybrid?

    I just want it to hold a bike rack for 2 e-bikes. I’m not trying to tow anything.

    Factory tow hitch (Class 1) cannot support the weight of 2 e-bikes.

    Took mine to a local rack shop. They ordered the Curt model and when I went to have it installed after they tried to do it, they said they could not install it. They had to cut the underside of the bumper a bit and were worried it would potentially damage the kick sensor (Honda factory tow hitch has a sensor relocation accessory).

    Any 3rd party class 3 tow hitch success stories out there on a 2023 Sport Touring Hybrid in particular?

  3. After 1k miles of my new Hybrid Sport FWD, in Econ drive mode, I'm averaging 40mpg. And that's driving in triple-digit heat here in Texas with the fantastic A/C keeping everything cool (set at 78F). I keep the car in our garage for that reason.

    I've also installed Crossbars up top. Thinking of adding the Moonroof Visor for later this year when temps finally cool down, but so far I can't find any new CRV that has the visor on it; would love to see how it looks 360.

  4. 2023 CRV Hybrid Sport here in Meteorite Metallic Grey/Black out package, really like it. Leaps and bounds better than our previous 2019. Also in SoCal – HB/OC.

    Two questions:

    1) Front hood deflector actually deflect? Do you notice a difference?

    2) Uphill (steep grade) freeway power. Does yours stay in a very low gear causing really high rpms and yet slow speed. Just going up the toll roads (241, 73 or up 15 towards Vegas) the car really strains. Like the computer is using the wrong gear and holding it too long. Our little Corolla Hybrid does not have that problem. Feels like a old VW bug going up a hill…?

  5. Hey, I have been checking all your videos and doing the math, you have done 6 months and 8K miles, its about 45 miles a day. I am contemplating between an EX vs Sport Hybrid models. I doubt I will drive that much, and might just do over 100 Miles a week. Question is, a hybrid valuable for that less of driving? the cost is about 1.5k higher for the Sport Hybrid model. I hear that the maintenance costs for hybrid are much higher in long run and unless you are driving a lot and saving on gas, it may not be of much value to invest in hybrid. What are your thoughts around this?

  6. I would recommend using Chemical Guys jet seal for UV protection on your headlights. It’s the best. It’s kinda pricey but have been using it for years and it truly works. I do a coat about every 5 months and it stands up well to the harsh texas heat.

  7. It’s too new to put seafoam in your engine it’s not gonna help increase mpg to get better mpg u need to go long ride on highway like 4 hours continuously driving after that it’s gonna increase ur mpg

  8. I have a 2023 too love it. You should always start with paint protection film on front. I've got headlights done, a small piece of ppf for hood. Getting front bumper done soon. Love the mats.

  9. Thanks for the video update again. It’s too bad you are not getting the desired mpg. I believe style of driving plays a big part. I have a ‘23 sport with 2700 miles, averaging 40 mpg. This is an optimum season: 75 degrees, so the climate control has not worked hard. When I 1st purchased it, it was averaging 25 degrees on my 1st pump, averaging 32.5 mpg. So weather definitely has an effect. Next pump: 39, 38, 39, and now cruising at 40 mpg. I have a 18-mile round trip commute: 37 mpg in the morning,uphill, 43 mpg evening, downhill. Afternoon commute is always warmer, thus better mileage. My commute approximates 50/50 city/highway, seldom go past 70 mph, which will have noticeably worse mileage. My biggest gain in mileage comes when coasting down to residential streets. At 25-35 mph limit, this is where EV Mode kicks in for an extended amount of time. I drive mostly on B-mode, because it is so easy to regen. I use pedal shifter only if I coast towards a traffic light and minimize the use of my brakes. Some may say I’m being overly conservative, but occasionally I like to push the pedal for some zoom-zoom and highway merging. I don’t compromise for safety. The car is an electric direct drive and has plenty of torque and pushes the car effortlessly, very different from the 1.5T model. Also, I agree with some: additives not necessary. Good luck.?

  10. After a 1600 + mile trip, I got 32.3 MPG. I average about 76 mph, about 90% Hwy. I wish better. This was through Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, flat farmland. I got about 5300 miles on my '23 Sport Touring Hybrid.

  11. Just two things. 1. If you’re still running your climate control in “lo” it’s going to rob some mpg. 2. If you drive at freeway speeds and don’t use them, removing the crossbars should help.

  12. Hi Bro, thx for sharing. Do you have any idea about the second exhaust? Why Honda didn't design it on Sport Turing? Is it helpful on decrease MPG? Do you know which trim has second exhaust? If any folks can share its experience will be great. Thanks!

  13. I was thinking, how do you drive? I never use brake mode, only drive mode. I am constantly using the paddles for braking. Love it, and I believe it saves gas since you can remove the foot from the accelerator way before.

  14. Scotty Kilmer recommends against Sea-foam saying it was not designed for modern gasoline direct-injection engines. FWIW he prefers Gumout Multi-System Tuneup. But if it were my brand new Honda I wouldn't put any additives in it this early on. Nice video. Thanks!

  15. Crazy on gas mileage but I’ve gotten over 46-48 avg mpg on 5 tanks of gas so far and 3100 miles on car so far. Using Top Tier gas and mostly suburban driving, stop and go, but many 40-50 mph roads. Not hard on the peddle and using paddle shifters and mostly D mode.
    Your car looks great! Nice job!

  16. Love the videos, keep'em coming! Got my 2023 CR-V Sport Hybrid two weeks ago. I'm at almost 600 miles. I love it! I got 35.9 actual mpg on my first tank although the computer showed 38.3 mpg. That's on a mix of city and highway on econ mode. At 8,000 miles has your maintenance minder come on yet for your first scheduled service? Just wondering. I've been thinking about doing an oil change around 1,000 miles to get rid of any break-in debris. I'll have to do it myself since I've heard Honda won't service until it's at 15% oil life. Thank you and safe travels!

  17. As all CrV owners will find out is both engines don't get even close to the advertised fuel economy And the 1.5 had the oil dilution problem fixed by running a small turbo motor even hotter that's not very smart for long term Then the hybrid it came to the game last in this segment but is the slowest and at the same time using the most fuel.Both hybrid and non hybrid are the most expensive vehicles in their class at the sane time being the slowest and using the most fuel Someone at Honda needs to be fired over this

  18. Our 2023 CRV has been great. Just turned 1000 miles. We are on our third tank of gas and each tank has gotten 39+ mpg. I do drive in econ mode, use top tier fuel, 65 mph on the highway. More highway than in town as we live 20+ miles from town. As for Sea Foam, I use it in all small engines and off road gas equip. I don't think it could damage anything used as directed.

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