22 thoughts on “3 Criteria For Choosing Your First Product On Amazon FBA”

  1. The P&G comment is so true.. I was in the department that tried to bring innovations with 3rd party manufacturers and the process was so conversome… Entrepreneurs have a massive advantage. Specially because the big companies cant go the lets try and iterate till we find product market fit route. It would damage their brand, so they want to get it correctly the first time and take forever

  2. Dude that was an amazing and helpful video. Thanks a lot. Consider getting a tripod though for the camara or phone so you don´t need someone holding it to record you the whole time. But great video.

  3. 1: stick to really big markets.
    2: pick products where you can really differentiate
    3: figure out your second and third products before launching your first product, usually targetting the same group of people.

    Thanks Ryan,
    New subscriber.?

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm trying to do supplements and many gurus out there are against it as your first product due to high competition. They usually say.. go on alibaba.. try to differentiate… target low competition.. sell on amazon.. and make money. You gave me hope thanks!

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  6. Thank you Ryan. Ryan what do you think about product patenting if you have a new idea and you don't want it copied, or other people illegally selling your product? Is product patenting worth it, and would you opt for it and why?

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