3 Mistakes You MUST AVOID Doing Amazon FBA In 2023 (The Truth About Amazon FBA: It’s

Here are 3 REALLY Important things you must know if you want to make money, and be successful selling on Amazon FBA in …

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9 thoughts on “3 Mistakes You MUST AVOID Doing Amazon FBA In 2023 (The Truth About Amazon FBA: It’s”

  1. Thanks again very useful information.. That profit and loss statement sample looks really good. Can I get a copy? Also, you mentioned a list of products never to sell. I am looking at the additional data under the video but I wasn't able to find it. I appreciate it if you direct me to where it is. Thanks, Jon

  2. Hi Brian,

    Very good info as always and I’ve been following you for a while now and learn from all your videos. I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mince sharing some of your profit/loss spreadsheets and any other sheets you use to manage your business. Tax season is around the corner and I’m left scratching my head. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget to hire a CPA now and want to focus on my brand for the time being. I would really appreciate any assistance.

  3. The first and the worst mistake is actually believing that there's any opportunity left selling somebody else's creations. you need to have an amazing idea for a product that solves an actual problem and that has never been seen and a crap ton of money to make it happen(6 figures). Otherwise Amazon FBA is just a hobby for rich people who have the means to try again and again, it's not business at that point, it's a hobby or an obsession. 99.999% of the sellers fail and never break even. The only ones really making money are the ones who have established brands, the millions of chinese sellers who get everything cheaper or amazon fba coaches.

  4. Brian, Wow…. you really included a TON of very valuable info in this short video. I have been selling for about 1 year now with a product we manufacture but getting ready to launch another product and found your re-enforcement of key principles to be very helpful. I would suggest that anyone new watches this video a bunch of times and takes notes, there is a ton of really important stuff in here… Thank you!

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