5 Signs YOUR Amazon FBA Business Will FAIL | Mistakes To Avoid

Discover the top 5 worst mistakes that beginner amazon fba sellers make and how you can avoid them! free AMAZON …

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17 thoughts on “5 Signs YOUR Amazon FBA Business Will FAIL | Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. i laughed out loud XD. You have good copy hahah. He said "if you dont have 2 minutes go fuck right off to loser town" and everybody did hahahah nice! its me im everybody

  2. Business is not for the weak – minded , that is for sure !!! My number one tip for ANYONE trying to start a new business – it is going to test you at every level , it will be one of the hardest ,most challenging things you've ever done – everything you don't think can go wrong – WILL !!! You WILL want to give up !!! You WILL LOSE MONEY – just a fact of owning a business !!! If you stick with it and see the hard times through – the rewards will be amazing and you will definitely succeed ( if you learn and grow from your mistakes ) !! JT , you do a great job with your channel , you're helping so many just starting out in business by speaking honestly about the cold , hard , bare facts , I wish you much, much success on your YT journey ??? !!!

  3. Thank you for making this video… the only topic that I am sure about is the trademark part. How do you know if someone else is already selling the product you want to sell? For example, for picture frames – there’s a lot that have a same on amazon.. which confuses me as well. I think I’m getting confused about it. Can you please explain in 3 words what trademark is about and how can you check that nobody sold the product before you?

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  5. Hi,
    I have been selling on amazon for a year and lost couple of thousand dollars on one product because I have low conversion rate and my PPC is eating all of my profit and product cost. Should I change my product becouse I think I have so much competition? I'm selling Bluetooth headphones by the way

  6. I looked into a lot of these courses these past few weeks and I can say its very interesting to say the least. I did check out ur free fba training also. If all I have is 3000, its hard to take a leap of faith and just take a gamble with fba….I could go to a vocational school and have a certificate that would help me for the rest of my life…Brain hurts thinking about this. What kind of advice would u give me Mr. Franco

  7. Hey I'm finally trying to launch soon ! but suddenly when I log in to my course it's completely gone? I've emailed about it already can I get some help on this situation? I payed for it in full last year and have always had access.. Thanks Jt 🙂

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