7 Ways to Get Reviews FAST Without Getting Suspended for Your Amazon FBA Products

Discover 7 strategies to get your first reviews fast without violating Amazon’s review policy or getting your listing or Amazon …

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16 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get Reviews FAST Without Getting Suspended for Your Amazon FBA Products”

  1. Hello Sir Crescent, I have a question

    If I put on Thank you Card or Insert Card in my product then I put my online Shop store qr code, for example I put my Shopify store link or qr code and it is allowed to say in the insert card "We're happy if you leave honest reviews and ratings for our shop"?

    It is against for Amazon to do this method?

    Thank you sir

  2. Hey Crescent, thanks for the great content as always. I have a question about Amazon’s requirement for a suffocation warning label.

    My product packaging is a small carton box. Inside the box my product is in a clear poly bag for extra protection. Does this poly bag need the warning label even though it’s not the main packaging?

  3. Oh another question. I've launched my Shopify site. Atm I don't have any items in USA FBA. Would I be breaking Amazon TOS if on my OWN shopify site I linked my direct product to my customer(USA customer – as it will offer them cheaper and faster freight through Amazon)

  4. Great video Crescent!!! SMASHED L & C for YT Algo.
    Question: I have just sent some stock inbound to my Australian FBA. If I sign up for VINE in that region(Australia), I'm assuming the reviews will reflect on other markets as its ASIN related?? Just wondering because I want to launch in USA also, but not sure if I have to enroll in the USA VINE program.
    Btw didn't know about the POSTCODE thing with friends and family reviews, good to know!!

  5. Amazing thanks for this! Can I ask… I noticed on your review card you’re ‘directing customers away’ to your website where you gather their details. Is this not against policy?

    Also you have ‘follow us’ on FB and IG. Is not directing customers away?

    I’m selling on amazon uk.


  6. Hello Crescent, i have a question and no one answers me, i got this note from one of your old vids.

    I have heard that if MY barcode that i get from seller central ( using print item label ) Starts with BO then ill be facing issues with the product label once my shipment reach amazon.

    so i changed my sittings to always get amazon barcodes which should start with XO, i tried printing the items label again and it dident change, so i converted my listing from FBA to FBM. then i tried to re-change it to FBA but i found a statement from amazon that says "Manufacturer Barcode Only", the Manufacturer barcode is the one that starts with BO.

    Is there a way for me to use amazon barcodes ? i tried understanding the reason behind that, but there was no answers.

    iam a private label brand

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