$700 In Five Days & Product Reveal! | Tanner J Fox Amazon Seller Mastery Course

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28 thoughts on “$700 In Five Days & Product Reveal! | Tanner J Fox Amazon Seller Mastery Course”

  1. I've only been following tanner for a couple of weeks now and found you from a comment you left in a video of his. I'm so excited to get going. I'm almost ready to buy his course and jungle scout, both of which I'll gladly buy through your links to help you out. Maybe you can return the favor and be there if I ever have a question, because at this time I have a ton when it comes to getting the product from China to amazon. Thanks!

  2. Awesome, well done, I've not signed up to Tanner's courses yet, but shall be taking them all eventually the first this weekend. Happy to go through your link, how much of your commission would you share with me though? Cheers

  3. Hi Luke! I am very interested in getting the course, just hesitant as I want to know how hard it is to contact manufactures on Alibaba. Is it easy to get find a manufacturer and how do you pay them?

  4. Luke, Pay per click (PPC) is not cheap to do it right, it takes time and money. You are just scratching the surface of what it takes to be successful on Amazon and profitable on Amazon. Expect to not make much on your first order as you will need to do many things that are not making you money to get ranked on the first page organically. I know you are trying to sell Tanner's course, which I have, but I think you really need to talk about the pitfalls as well. It's not all sunshine, it's hard work and a lot of hours to be successful. It can be done for sure and we all know some people in the group who spent countless hours, days, weeks and some months to find a golden nugget product and are killing it. That is not the majority.

  5. Any tips or products to look for if you cant start an llc at the moment? Love your page bro! Glad there is people like you that give valuable information

  6. Well, I have to say I give you props for your reply. I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I still can't agree on there being any value on this other than the group. I have had this course for a while and has not helped me make a dime. Maybe I just suck at the product research I guess. But yeah, I think it's just throwing away money.

  7. You can google search Udemy. A place to find thousand's of courses.
    You can buy Amazon courses for $10.
    Remember, tanner said he took a few courses, and then made the course. He copied the Udemy courses. Udemy sells for $10.

  8. Awesome Channel Luke! Just subscribed. Saw your post on the fb page. I am in the phase were I am looking for a product but definitely great value in this video. Wishing the best on your journey!

  9. How did you ship the strong magnets? I know some companies don't allow magnetic things to be shipped…
    Funny, I was looking at this product when I just started but didn't follow through!

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