8-Bay Auto Detail Centers Test Market Completed


If you are considering a Full-Service Detail Shop, which would incorporate both retail detailing and dealership or wholesale detailing, then you must be careful which types of services you provide your customers. If you are going to try and provide all types of services to the Auto Dealerships such as; spray in bed-liners for pick-ups and air-bag re-installment, you may find that the level of training your employees need and the amount of profit per type of service needs to be studied in greater detail.

We have completed our 3-Year Test Market of the Detail Guys Super Center, as we run the company; The Detail Guys, if you are already in the industry you have heard of us, if not you might wish to check out our website as it might give you some juicy ideas to help you in your auto detailing business;


After watching the automobile trends for 5 years and running this facility in conjunction with a franchisee in Reno, NV we have learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. We were also able to put together a significant number of vendors to help with support. We learned about Paint and Dent Repair, both paint-less and air-less. We studied oil additives, bed liners spray systems, clear coat sealants, aftermarket warranties, vending machine sales, buffers, wash bays, shop flooring and coating, web sales, management, training, color sanding, labor scheduling, royalty receivables, wholesale detailing, retail detail marketing, commission technicians, rotating shifts, energy requirements, artificial lighting, multiple locations, on-site and off site Dealership Detailing and fixed billing costs for customers. Yes, a lot to learn in 3-years and we want to thank our team for studying, learning, adapting, and overcoming obstacles.

As many of you realize we were closely watching the Ziebart Corporations business model and we were testing our efficiencies to compete in that market. After our 3-year study and test market we saw where we felt Ziebart was weak in certain sunny state markets and moved to determine which types of services we would drop and which we would concentrate on as we went head to head with them in any market. We feel we have a superior concept and a better understanding of the reality of the industry. Yet no one can deny Ziebart has a rich history in the auto aftermarket business. You may also wish to check out their website as they seem to dominate many markets today in this sector.


Whether you are thinking of owning your own franchise or going it alone, study the market and understand the profit margins and of each type of service you might provide. If you are unsure, you may wish to buy a Ziebart Franchise, if not perhaps you might buy some equipment from one of the well-known industry vendors such as Detail Plus. Here is another link, which might help you with the layout of your detail shop.


Best of luck and remember there is enough cars for everyone as the auto makers are selling over 17 million per year. Think about it, think about auto detailing.


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