24 thoughts on “8 Beginner Amazon FBA Mistakes To Avoid”

  1. When starting the Amazon seller account — should we use our current email/account that we already have with Amazon or make up a second account strictly for selling?

  2. I have sold on Amazon for @15 years.
    Mostly books.
    I am ungated in most categories.
    Should I still take your beginners course?
    I took a break when they raised storage prices and fees.
    Just sell a few things a year now.

  3. Just wondering, with your profits/income, does Amazon send you a 1099? Also, I have an LLC because I'm an independent insurance agent, do you recommend making a separate LLC?

  4. I live pretty close to an Amazon distribution center. Is dropping off stuff in person a thing? This might sound silly but I would definitely save money if I didn’t have to ship items to Amazon for them to fba

  5. Helloooo!!! Love Your Energy, Smile and All Your Amazing Advice Mo! This time I Found You Again, Smashed the Like Button and Subscribed. I Buy and Collect Soft Star Wars Items, but I Thought I Read you couldn't sell certain items on Amazon? Is that So Mo? So I Never Got Started. Thanks for Being Transparent with Your Tips! Blessings!

  6. Hi! Love your videos! Question.. when getting the seller app, it asks if I’m an individual or privately-owned business. Then gives a warning that if you choose the wrong one it will affect your account!! Do I need an LLC first? Or can I change it from individual to business later?

  7. I have a suggestion for your next video. Can you please talk about getting ungated? I see I'm not gated for quite a bit of things.
    I do love your videos and your willingness to help people be successful! ❤

  8. Very good, sound advice. Perhaps shipping globally from Europe might be best to sell only stuff that is either digital (no shipping at all) or items that fit into large envelopes. Thank you, your smile made my day.

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