A Day in The Life of a Google Data Scientist (Analytics)

A Day in Life WFH: Hi friends, sharing a typical day in my life at Google. I have been at Google for …

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47 thoughts on “A Day in The Life of a Google Data Scientist (Analytics)”

  1. This could be a day in the life of anyone doing any jobs . People come here to know about Data science information , mostly those who are trying to get into this field . Either change the title of the video or talk about data science . What was the point of this ?

  2. I only earn around 2/3rds of your salary… but, I wake up at 9:30, start at 10:00 and finish at ~17:00/17:30 (Mon-Fri).

    As a bonus, I don't have to take demeaning selfies all day to show how happy I am.

    I'll take that trade, thanks : )

    PS. I decide which days I'm in the office, could be 5, could be 0… up to me.

    PPS. No, wait, I watched what you do for an actual "job". You don't actually do anything. Your demeaning selfies are the most productive part of your day.

    Dear god. You earn money?

  3. Hii, I am confused about the degree I should get for data science, should I go for bachelor's in technology or bachelor's in science? I would be very thankful if you answer.

  4. As expected this was a useless video which I watched while doing a household chore… no one is interested in what she eats (except for some loser males). Was hoping to see some brief about what work she does..but apart from one message on the screen no other info…

  5. can you please provide some guidence to become data scientist coz i am new and i want to persue my carier in tis field.
    or be mentor coz you have experince in this field.

  6. hello, very nice video, and very nice work you are doing, I have a son who also does your job, he is a senior data scientist in a multinational company, he is thinking of going to the United States, I encourage him to stay in Morocco, but he wants to try his luck in the United States, thank you

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