21 thoughts on “AffiliateWP WordPress Affiliate system plugin”

  1. Hi SaaS,

    I just bought my AffiliateWP, but the coupon tracking doesn't work.

    I set up a coupon for my influencer.
    When people buy from her coupon, it doesn't show in the referral list, is it normal?

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  3. I tried this and it paid an affiliate on every single order. Not just orders that came in with their link, but every order. It did this not once, but twice!!! I cost me a lot of money and I got no answers or help from support. Has anyone else had this happen?

  4. Great Video! How would you go about automatically paying your affiliates after your refund period is over? Is this a manual thing or is there a way to automate the payments?

  5. This is really helpful. Tha ks for sharing this awesome content.

    Can you please tell I am unable to find paragraph option which you have like- How do you promote us?

    The other things, there is also no option for create password while doing registration. Password field is only visible in login area.
    Kindly guide, I would highly appreciate it 🙂

  6. I'm wondering if someone could help me?
    I'm in the process of starting up a niche comparison website but I'm struggling with the whole concept of affiliates. Would this plug in be the better option for me to add companies that I will be promoting their products, or is there another plug in that I could use?

  7. Hi George, thank you for sharing this video. Please can I ask you some guidance? I took the basic package of Affiliate WP which I have set up under one of my website but I am experiencing some issues.
    How can I remove the access to my worldpress website 'admin dashboard' from my affiliate members?

    I have simulated (as a client) the registration to my webpage affiliate programme.

    As a client, I received a notification that my submission to join is waiting for approval.

    However the notification message also included the possibility for the potential new member to set up a password.

    Once the password had been created as a new member, that member seems to have total access to my Worldpress back end dashboard admin webpage management which obviously give them access to all the list of other members and to also see the backend pages of the website for editing.

    How can I remove this access from them as this is too risky.

    The system seems to have given them access to my Worldpress dashboard as a second admin.

    I just would like the members to access their unique link and possibly the amount of money they have made just like you shown in your video.

    Nothing else should be visible.

    Is this possible to do this or, is the best solution for me to remove the link to set up a password under the notification message they are receiving when registering for the first time?

    Thank you for letting me know.

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