21 thoughts on “All Amazon FBA Fees Explained”

  1. Awesome video! One question when I try to test the FBA calculator for some reason the fulfillment fees are super high compared to the size/weight of the product I'm adding. Is that tool really accurate?

  2. Great video–thank you. I'm wondering if you know where those "placement fees" show up on the unified transaction report in the payments dashboard? Meaning what are they labeled under? Being able to isolate those fees for analysis on whether turning that feature on and off would be nice to know for determining if speed is worth the extra LTL fee/shipment. Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks so much and love you for sharing Calculator and also explaining about fees. For a starter like me, I thought I bought an item for 0.30 and sell it on Amazon for $5.00, I thought I can make huge profits but after watching your video now I can calculate each product. Love you and whoever god u follow bless ur family.

  4. How does Amazon take away the Seller account fee? Is it deducted from the total balance of your sellers account? It only deducted from my credit card the first month, then the second month I see it deducted from my total balance on sellers account.

  5. Hi there! I am new in the seller space and wondering if I can get more info on some FBA elements: for example Have you heard of FBA Opportunities tab in Seller Central? Have you seen it?

  6. Hi Crescent, thank you always for your great videos. I have a question about shipping into Amazon. I have an old package for a product, and a new packaging that is an inch bigger in dimension (small size). Amazon still has a couple hundred of my old smaller packaging. How do I send in the new packaging without causing problems? Thank you for your time!!!

  7. You are seriously so awesome. I’m so grateful for your channel! If it wasn’t for you, I would have send the wrong sku to my supplier! Not only that, you’re so thorough with all your videos. Thanks crescent! ??

  8. What can i sell on US amazon FBA, if my legal entity type is individual, can i start doing wholesale? or is this entity type only for reseling used items? im not registered as sole trader.

  9. Thank you for this incredibly insightful video, we have been trying to figure out all the fees so this helps! Do you have any new videos on inventory management?

    Also, just a thought – you mention how storage fees are higher during Q4 and to properly plan so you don't have excess inventory. However, with our supplier, we realized they shut down for Chinese New Year so we'll probably need more inventory arriving in November/December to make up for that 1-2 month loss during the beginning of the following year. Thoughts on this?

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