AMAZING Ebay & Amazon Photos in 2020. 1 CLICK INSTANT

AMAZING photos for Ebay & Amazon in 2020. 1 CLICK INSTANT 1.) Get my ENTIRE 2020 Reseller + Social Media training …

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  1. Wow Casey this app is amazing! What a timesaver. I have been using fotofuze which I loved and that was a great recommendation I got a couple months ago as well however you still have to Do a lot more work than this. I love it. I even tried the features with some of the template backgrounds that would be great for sales ad and media posts. I do have the same devices as you, the new iPhone Pro and the iPad Pro and both worked fantastic!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. It's a love hate thing for me right now. I love it because it makes my photos look 100 times better. I hate it because now I want to re do every single one of my old photos. LOL.

  3. I love the picture, but having difficulty saving to both One Drive and Dropbox. I prefer using windows 10 laptop and uploading from my camera. I would like to use my IPhone for photos, but I need to be able to upload photos to One Drive/Dropbox or directly into ebay etsy etc.

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