AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING: The Complete Beginners Guide | Location Rebel

Amazon affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make your first dollar online. But building a sustainable lifestyle business or niche …

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  1. So I'm a amazon junkie myself
    Even though I buy so much cleaning stuff for my company, can I also click a link for myself with my own link? And how do I share it, do I share from the list I create or share from the exact product. Because I'm ocd, I have the "Best" cleaning products. Yep I watched your video on a affiliate market search. And I haven't done anything because your videos are for smart people, I have to be shown on paper?? I do have a affiliate marketing link already. Yay, first step!!

  2. Best and most realistic authority about online skill sets I've ever seen. You break it down to that first dollar, the first step, and where to reference where and how. You rarely if ever lure people into something that suddenly costs $1500+, this is not realistic, there is no guarantee your going to make it, there is no real magic bullet, and rarely a super short cut.

    The best shortcut is not the shortcut, just do that first step and repeat. Then ask questions as you go which is basically exactly what Location Rebel would likely advise.

  3. I do China stuff: Move to China! books, How to Learn Mandarin on your own, et. Also, US-China movie productions and scripts, stuff like that. I wish there was some way of affiliate marketing for that type of info!

  4. Thanks for the video, Sean! I might be ways away from being a successful freelance writer, but you got me motivated to pay more attention to my own blog and maybe join the affiliate program in the near future.

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