4 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Beginner – How to Make Money on Black Friday”

  1. I've been going through the Target toy book and even with the 20% off I'm not finding anything profitable :/ I haven't gone through everything yet but I've looked at a lot of target exclusives and they're selling for barely more on Amazon…do you go with lower ROI's during the holiday season? I feel like I'm missing something. The stuff I've found to be profitable is only like a 20% ROI or less with the exception of hatchimals which are sold out everywhere in my state lol. Also the dragon furreal friend even with 20% off is a huge loss cuz Amazon is selling them for $59. Are you just holding them and hoping AZ will sell out? This is my first Q4 so I'm a little nervous about buying things hoping the price will go up but I haven't been able to find anything lately that Amazon isn't selling for less or that is over a 10-20% ROI 🙁 as far as toys & holiday items go..

  2. Sorry, fba beginners are banned from selling until December. We are missing out on the season..pretty lousy. Although we're limited on what we can sell anyway. I've moved to ebay. I may take advantage of their seller program where people sell it for you. I don't know how profitable that is, but at this point it's worth checking into.

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