Amazon FBA for beginners. Basic terminology training for Amazon Sellers (2023)

In this video I break down the terminology that comes with being an Amazon seller. I cover FBA, FBM, BSR, Ungating, The Buy …

amazon fbm sign up

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21 thoughts on “Amazon FBA for beginners. Basic terminology training for Amazon Sellers (2023)”

  1. Could you do a video about all the little bits involved with setting up as a business, like do you need to open a special bank account? Do you need to register as a business, what about paying tax? Things like that. Thank you ?

  2. I've just picked up some Lego Disney keychains. Bought from the Lego shop online. The purchase price was £4.99 Goofy selling on Amazon for £18.99 looks like a strong seller as well (I'm still new so I may be wrong ha) also managed to get authorised on Disney and Lego with one purchase ??.

  3. Hi Des, great videos and I’m following with intent ?. Could you explain a bit more about the buy box, how to assess the probability of getting it and when you know you’ve got it. Thank you

  4. Hi dez, set up my account with a new monzo buissness card, but my account was deactivated after an hour or so because they aren't happy with the card and want me to send proof of billing address but obviously as its new I have no bills coming out of the account. How did you go about payment? Cheers joe

  5. Hi Dez, so i recently sent in my very first shipments and it now says recieving. i was wondering if the products are live on amazon yet or do they still need to be sent elsewhere before they go live? thanks and i love the content. me and my brother watch you all the time

  6. You've got a wonderful ability to explain complex terminology! And, as many have already said, your honesty is not only refreshing but also sets you apart from others on this platform. This is our year mate 🙂

  7. how do you set up the limited comlany and how does this work? will this limited company give you access to the wholesalers if you should want/need to do so? love the videos mate keep it up.

  8. Great video! Just curious where you got your poly bags for shipping products. Also, did you purchase weighing scales for measuring boxes and if so where from? After tallying up costs such as amazon seller fee, sellerAMP fee, scales for weighing boxes, poly bags, printable sticky labels, cardboard boxes etc it does seem to add up and did you take this amount away from your £200.

  9. Loving the videos!!! love the honesty, its very rare on any social media platform! An absolute inspiration well done. Have you had any issues with products not selling and amazon charges?

  10. Smooth as ever Des, hope the journey is going well and will keep tuning in mate ? keep those videos coming. Maybe some specific on different software would be good ?

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