11 thoughts on “Amazon FBA – How to Find Products for free – Without Jungle Scout (2017)”

  1. Great video! Thanks for the info.

    How you check the duty fee for your product? Do you just google it?

    I am in Canada too, could you maybe create a video on forms you have to fill out/government stuff for sourcing products from outside? Thanks !

  2. title of video is finding a product without js, talks about a bottle, products with 9999 reviews. so whats the strategy? look up all 4000 pages in subcategory, and find a product that way? typical generic garbage

  3. Hey man, hope you're doing good, do you think it is fair to say that products that are underselling in Canada but booming in USA are only going to grow in sales?

    I'm thinking it my be a good tactic to look at what's having great sales in USA, and if it isn't on the market in canada maybe copy what makes their success and try to sell it here in Ca, what do you think?

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