40 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Is NOT FOR EVERYONE | Watch This Before You Think About Selling”

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  2. Hey Travis, I'm a big fan of your work and I've been a longtime subscriber. I have a quick question about trademarking a logo and I was wondering if I could reach out to you via email using the one listed in your "about" tab, travis@effectiveecommerce.com? Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I hope you're having a great weekend and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

  3. Great video buddy, but lets be honest a what job is just gonna pay you 6figures without being their floor matte….jobs dont 'just' give you 6figures, you forget not everybody is an academic or are even fit for the commercial environment.

  4. competition is the best marketing, that’s why they always have a wendy’s and a mcdonald’s next to each other with a taco bell and burger king across the street. it’s a psychological thing. it best to be your own competition

  5. Junglescout is cool and all but it's not free, for us beginner sellers every penny counts. Good product placement for your youtube video though ? ?

  6. Your video are great! Do you have a video talking about the steps to take to import food by meeting FDA requirements (registers, labels,..)

  7. Hi travis i am 18 years old and i want to start an online business, and i loved the idea of amazon fba because i am in place where i can't import products then ship it to customers so if i learned amazon fba well will it be the right choice to begin an online business while i am studying in university or there is a better choice to start with?
    And thank you❤️

  8. Appreciate your videos and expertise in getting started with Amazon. You inspired us to get started with our brand of sweeteners, and have just received our approvals for FBA. We have a quick question of the fees. Is the 15% in addition to the “Estimated Fee per unit sold”? Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

    Lean Munchy

  9. I just wanna start with the saying, you are an inspiration and I want to share my story, so I am a 19 year old Albanian, I currently live in Italy and my parents are divorced. I live with my mom, my brother and stepdad, they all wanna kick me out of the house, because I have a different mentality mindset than them, which they don’t like, so maybe in one or two months I’m gonna be out of the house that I currently live and I don’t know where I’m going to go. I only have $3000 which I have accumulated on my bank account from my job which I currently work ,it doesn’t pay well, I would love to have my business and make my own money , I would love to come to your country and work for you. I want to learn how to make money and you know if you help me and maybe when you’re gonna need to help I am going to help you. This is a serious message I am not bluffing and I hope you do well??.

  10. Love your awesome educational video, great honest content compared to other Youtuber. I came across one of the Youtuber selling t-shirt, kid title his video "How to start your own company with zero dollar." then he did a tour of his shop, in the background you see a $5000 screen print press machine and 3 gal of RBG color that cost $500+ ?

  11. I rarely hear you mention inspection costs, It’s a long way from China, is there a hack you use for dodging this part of the process, and somehow still ensure your customers never get inferior or damaged goods?

  12. you have to make video about how Chines Seller Attack your listing , taking bad review from your competitors, how to buy giveaway fake reviews, how many returns and lost packge you will pay back from your inventory, how your competitors buy your item and say there against law product and shot down your store, this is amazon real succes part what i text here. And Big Amazon Sellers know that. Thank you.

  13. at 7:30 you say it will cost you around 1$ a piece, but in the picture it says that between 1-499 pieces bought you get a price of 3.38$.
    It's a mistake or you say it because you think it's realatively possible to negotiate this price?

  14. Hi Travis. could u help me answer this questions Please! At this time If i register an amazon seller central professional account free is ($39.00). if i do not sell anything on the amazon until i add product on my listing on…Do i have to pay $39.99 for next every singel month? Thanks You so much

  15. Travis, brother, you are my spirit animal! Listening to your story describes my situation to the T! You are inspiring my wife and I to take this journey. Looking forward to maybe one day sitting down with you to share our story.

  16. I'm about ready to send my product to Amazon. 100 units to start, from China. It will be a learning experience for sure. Thank You Travis. I would like one day to connect with you and launch something amazing. At first your mind goes crazy with possibility and urgency, but then reality sets in that this takes time. I've come to realize that this is the long haul venture. A venture that will never go forward by giving up.

  17. I got my sellers acct set up in Dec, I haven't sold a single thing yet because with the stuff I wanna sell and where the pricing lands, Amazon will make more profit than I do.

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