Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tutorial 2023 (Rank #1 FAST) | Jungle Scout

In this video I’ll show you how to rank your product using the right keywords in your amazon product listing (Amazon SEO Tutorial) …

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4 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tutorial 2023 (Rank #1 FAST) | Jungle Scout”

  1. Great videoI have 2 questions as below related to backend keywords and would greatly appreciate your response, thanks!:
    (1) Is repeating the exact keywords I have in manual campaigns in backend keywords a good startegy or should I first run all of my 20 keywords I have in my manual campaigns through a tool like Helium10’s Frankenstein to remove duplicate and only put these unique words remaining in my backend search terms? For example, let’s say I have “red t-shirt for men”, red tee for women, red tshirt for adults as keywords in my exact match campaign then should I copy these exact keywords as it is in my backend keywords OR Should I remove the repetitive words and only put unique words in these phrases in my backend search terms like “red adults unisex tee t-shirt tshirt roundneck tees”?
    (2) Do you recommend repeating keywords multiple times in title, bullets,description and bullets to make the keyword relevant in the eyes of Amazon algorithm or it’s not worth repeating keywords?

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