Amazon FBA Macro Environment (You’re Missing THIS During Product Research)

Are you missing this important part of your Amazon business product research? After working with hundreds of people to get their …

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5 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Macro Environment (You’re Missing THIS During Product Research)”

  1. I dont really understand because every single niched down product idea is going to be a part of a more specific niche that has all these other keywords. There isnt going to be a product that doesnt give you all these other keywords and competitors ones you do a reverse product lookup.

  2. Hi Camron, how can I book a coaching session with you? I checked out the membership page but couldn't select any time. It says "no availability in August" and does not let me check September. Thanks!

  3. But what if the longtail keyword gave you sales you would be happy with? The bigger competitors weren't even showing up for it and you would just compete with the one big seller. Is that not the case?

  4. Hello pls sir let me know I have a question so I am not brand register yet but before I do my listing on Amazon I need to buy UPC from GS1 but before I buy it ask me to provide us a brand name which I don’t have it yet pls pls help me out thanks ?

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