22 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Product Research 2023 | NEW Method”

  1. Hi Trevin!! What prep center do you recommend using? I am at my wits end with my prep center ??‍♀️ they’ve lost multiple packages and are taking WEEKS to prep some of my shipments. Is this normal?

  2. Hey, loved the video. Quick question though, is it true that a seller is using all the keywords which happen to show up in the reverse Asin search? For example, if the tool shows 500 keywords, does that mean the seller is using all those keywords, if not upfront then as backend? That's a lot.

  3. Good video mate, this is exactly what i do! Launching around 3 products a month now but i need to hire more of a team in order to launch more! soooooo much potential on Amazon it is mind blowing.

  4. Thank you for your great content as always. can I take 1 minute of your time ? can I ask what do you do in ppc when a keyword got ranked ? do you turn that keyword off ? I know my question not related but I will really appreciate of you respond me

  5. I love to see your mind frame as to where you are getting these ideas. I have heard of all of these and it didn’t click to think “Amazon” anddd the point of this lesson ? Pay your wife a salary for her ideas ??

  6. I watched your 1st video on how you started Good for you! I could skip all the bragging and the materialistic stuff but you are young and should be proud! My number 1 question was what do you use on your teeth? Thay are so white I couldnt even concentrate on what you were saying. LOL

  7. Hi Trevin, did you ever have to fight overthinking when you were just starting? Were you ever stuck in your decision what product to launch as your first product? Are you adding products to an existing brand or have several brands? And if you were just starting today, what steps would you take to make sure that you are not going to invest your savings into a complete flop? Do products have a sales expiration curve, meaning they might start selling worse over time, and do you discontinue selling them at that time? And also, how many hours per day are you currently putting into the Amazon business? Is it possible to have success if you only have 2-3 hours per day to put into the business? I am sorry about the number of questions. And really hope to hear from you. Thank you for your channel!!!

  8. I'm doing my first amazon listing! Do you have any suggestions on photographers or websites to find some? budget would be around $300. Thank you!

  9. Hey Trevin! What metrics do you look at on Helium 10's x-ray results when looking for a potential product you'd be interested in sending to amazon? For example, do you mainly look at the average reviews and total revenue when looking if a market is too saturated or underdeveloped? If so, what average numbers are you looking for that would meet your criteria? Thanks! Love your videos btw. Keep up the great work!

  10. Hi Trevin. I'm currently following an FBA course. The creators put huge emphasis on product innovation/improvement as the main method of differentiation and advise against launching a product with anything less than drastic improvement. This has become a problem for me because all of my products and suggested innovations are continually deemed insufficient to give me a competitive advantage in the niche. Just wondering what you thoughts are on this. Do you believe huge innovation is necessary or can I still make my business successful using other methods, i.e., small improvements, changes to the product itself, packaging improvements, basically just creating an overall better offer. Really appreciate your time and look forward to your reply

  11. I honestly believe developing the "eye" for good products is an acquired skill way more than it is luck. I definitely appreciate that you treat it way more like a skill than just saying "look for viral products" like everyone else does.

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