Amazon FBA Product Research Technique Found Me 5 Products in 10 Minutes!

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39 thoughts on “Amazon FBA Product Research Technique Found Me 5 Products in 10 Minutes!”

  1. Hi Trevin, I started watching your videos. I didnt know anything about helium or smartscout. My question is can i do product research without having smartscout? can I do my product research with just the helium right now until i see more income? I have a call with your team next week i am looking forward to it. I have been selling on amazon for a while now about 6 months or so. I have inventory at amazon but, i am just not seeing the sales at all.

  2. To be honest this is a bit vague…there's an awful lot more that goes into finding a winning product…what about sourcing it? Is this for private label purposes or wholesale? Are they patented? You need to make people realise it's not as simple as you've made it seem.

  3. I look at tons of videos on online income generation. I am just now exploring Amazon. This is by far the most clearest logical thing I have seen. Thank You! How do I get into your team?

  4. Can anyone please tell me, with all of this effective product research, how can we actually sell it on Amazon when they are already listed? Do we have to make improvements based on the needs from their reviews? Or do you just shoot right away on Amazon using a different barcode? Please help me clarify this ?

  5. Sorry this is click bait. The problem is not to know what to sell but where to get them from. I am very disappointed, this video doesn't really help me to find what to sell in the sense or where to find the product to buy it!

  6. how do you find the product to calculate the profit for fba ? lets say i those products with great sale rank and low competition and how do i know how much profit i will get ?

  7. Yoooo Trevin, love the video. Given me so many good ideas for product research. Me and my best mate are really looking to get into this and get some money from a side hustle but more importantly, learning experience to hopefully branch out into bigger and better things into the future. Quick question tho at 3:57 you said keeping the product above $30 makes PPC easier to manage. Could you explain that for me? Thanks mate!

  8. Can you please share some perfect Criteria to filter the product on “keepa”.

    And one more question in the first product there you found have a “variation”? So how a new seller buy to sells that ?
    And sir please we are waiting for best criteria to filter a best brand on “keepa” or To find on spying methods thanks

  9. Hi Trevin, thanks for all your great content.
    It just looks like a poor mans black box from helium 10 tho right? No real difference apart from less filters – or am I missing something? Thanks

  10. In my opinion if new sellers actually follow this video and launch products like suggested in this video they are destined for failure.
    The method you are showing is outdated and you could say worked when people used to do the Private Label approach
    The way to succeed on Amazon in today's era is to build a strong brand and stand out from your competition with improving products or offering something that customers want but no one else is offering. I would say it's much less about looking at the average of the reviews of a search results page and more about "How can I stand out and give the customer a great experience he can't find in this market"?
    I believe Trevin is indeed selling on Amazon and knows that what I say here is true but has become greedy and developed habits of a guru to maximize profits from his Youtube channel.
    Just my opinion.

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