28 thoughts on “Amazon FBA VS Dropshipping | Which One Is Better? Pros and Cons”

  1. Great info but what if you could find really small items that you don't need a truck and still sell as hot item on FBA or target different demographics using facebook ads.

  2. Alright mate, I'm just struggling to understand why I need to pay for a bar code and stuff if I'm selling a product that's already on Amazon and comes in a box. It should have one already right?

  3. This video is older. Are you still giving away the FBA course once a month? I am very interested, as I have started the process, but want more information before doing anything.

  4. Thank you for your input! I've been really trying to get into eCommerce and was on the fence if I should do dropshipping or Amazon FBA. This cleared up some questions for me. After I create an LLC and get a reseller's permit, how much capital would you suggest I have in order to start making these wholesale orders?

  5. Thank you for the video. If I am purchasing products upfront from a supplier to ship to Amazon, can I have the products sent directly to Amazon or should they come to me first?

  6. Amazon FBA sounds great cuz everyone knows Amazon the only issue is how do u stand out when so many people are selling the same thing? How can u make a sale when your on page 10?

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