Amazon Merch: My Favorite Merch Informer Research Tool Trend Hunter / Tracker /

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21 thoughts on “Amazon Merch: My Favorite Merch Informer Research Tool Trend Hunter / Tracker /”

  1. Do, the USA government site and Merch informer show the copyrights information international and what is it means when I type something in trademarkia to show me that it “may be available “ can I use it on 100% copyrighted free

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I'm currently only doing Redbubble.
    Do you think Merch informer Trend Hunter is helpful for creating selling designs for Redbubble?
    Do you know any 3rd party program that shows number of repins in Pinterest?

  3. Hey man. I've recently seen an amazing video about how to find a designer on upwork. I can't find that video anymore, I have no clue where it is.

    Is there any chance that you were the one who made that video? And deleted it for some reason? I've been trying to find it for like 2 hours, because I remember it being extremely good.. god damnit

  4. Ryan quick question. I applied for merch by amazon last Friday and they approved me yesterday. But now they are only letting me upload one design a day. And now reviewing them. How long does it take now the review all process and when will they let me upload more than just one a day? Thanks ?

  5. I have watched your almost every amazon Merch video but you haven't uploaded a video for keyword research to rank on amazon or step by step to upload a tshirt in amazon Merch… That will be to helpful if you do that?

  6. What do you recommend Ryan Printful+Amazon or Merch By Amazon

    I want to sell T-shirts and I am concern about the quality I know Printful t-shirts and prints both are good but I don't have an idea about t-shirts from merch by amazon

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