12 thoughts on “[Amazon News] $50,000 in Incentives for New FBA Sellers”

  1. I go through all the details.
    I have a brand registered and already selling on amazon.
    Now if I give my brand access to my friend account as he is a new seller. And he start selling my products/asins(No new asin to fba). Will he gets 5% rebate on sales?

  2. Wow! Nice benefits. I wonder if Amazon is worried that the consumer demand will outstrip seller growth. I’m just glad to see that they are putting some emphasis on helping sellers. Honestly if Amazon wants to keep dominating the e-com market share, they’ve gotta start prioritizing sellers. 🙂

  3. Transparency is mainly to tackle hijackers. Amazon sells transparency codes preventing any sort of hijackers to sell your registered ASINs. Cons, it's expensive and each time you ship products, you have to get the stickers in advance from Amazon shipped yo you!

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