Amazon Seller Non Returnable Products to Sell on Amazon 2021 | Non Returnable Items

Amazon seller attention!! Are you getting loss due to fake returns? How to sell on Amazon when you are facing a big loss due to …

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50 thoughts on “Amazon Seller Non Returnable Products to Sell on Amazon 2021 | Non Returnable Items”

  1. Mam I need your help I ordered one wooden brush from Amazon and at the same time my sister also booked the same brush from her mobile, yesterday we got both the brushes but we need only one , we haven't use any of them. Both are of same brand and non returnable. What should we do now how can I return it. And if anyone from this chat interested in purchasing plz reply to this comment. Thank you . Please help

  2. Di maine ek product mangbaithi non returnable items h , product bhi galat aaya h mujhe return krna h par woh return nhi ho rha h di ky kru smj nhi aarhi h, 1000 hajar rupe ki h..??

  3. we are selling laptop and mobile stickers. But how can we just change it return condition because right our product page is showing 10 days return policy how to change that. ?

  4. Mam return ate hain non returnable category mein.. main beauty category mein sale karta hu but mughe auto-authorised return ate hain.. aur buyers bhi fraud hote hain ye almost return wale.. adha samaan rakh lete hain ya koi aur item bhej dete hain.. pickup karne wala bhi check nhi karta ki kya teturn le rha hain…

  5. One more question.
    What are the criteria for approval of product for selling on amazon ?

    For example if I want to sell colgate maxfresh toothpaste.
    For this particular item , what is the procedure to get approval.

    I ve to get approval from HUL also ?

  6. I have more than 350 listings of inner wear but all my inner wear is not non – returnable same category many are returnable Amazon chose him self. I complained many times but no proper response.

  7. how about Pc parts.???? I ordered a gaming pc cabinet on amazon and the tempered glass was broken as i received it so will i get the refund for that?????

  8. But one of my friend order a non returnable product from Amazon but he called customer care and said that he want to return it bcoz of some isssue. The customer care told him that he can put the product and they will return the money. And he kept the product and also money get refunded. I this situation what we have to do as seller?

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