Amazon Sponsored Ads: The Secret Weapon for Sales Growth! Amazon Ads Sponsored

Discover the power of Amazon Sponsored Ads and learn how to effectively utilize different types of campaigns to skyrocket your …

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13 thoughts on “Amazon Sponsored Ads: The Secret Weapon for Sales Growth! Amazon Ads Sponsored”

  1. I wrote a kids book submitted it to be published last Friday. It was approved on Sunday. I started a campaign on ads for it Monday. It has on the ads dashboard showing 13 clicks and 6 sales. But on my reports dashboard it’s only showing having 2 sales as of today. I paused the campaign something seems way off on this. I’m reading people online having issues, they say if someone clicks my ad but buys someone else product that’s show on my page it counts as a sale on my ads campaign. Even though it’s false, plus other stuff I’m reading about ads that sounds sketchy. Do you know anything about that or anything else? Also do you know why my ads shows sells but dashboards show hardly none. I know people say it can take a few days after sell and it’s shipped to show sell. But all these books were sold over 2-3 days ago. So they should have shipped already. Correct?
    Thank you

  2. Sir mene Amazon global par product selling ke liye account open kiya thaa or ak Banda bhi Hayer kiya lekin usne froud kar diya ab me khud account kese Handel karu reply please sir

  3. भाई मेरे पास मेरे पापा की दुकान का GST NUMBER है क्या उस number से में MEESHO पर selling कर सकता। हु भाई ??????

  4. Nice Topic Brother. There is soo soo much to learn in Amazon Sponsored Ads. No one can be perfect in this, a perfect ad depends on many factors and one learns this with experience…Personally our brand loves Sponsored Ads❤.

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