Amazon Storefront Tutorial | Step by Step Guide to Building a free Storefront

Learn How To Sell on Amazon (2023 UPDATE): Unlike any other page on Amazon, an Amazon …

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47 thoughts on “Amazon Storefront Tutorial | Step by Step Guide to Building a free Storefront”

  1. This is su!ch a helpful video!!! I'm the type of person who gets stuck in and then when gets stuck I learn how to do it properly! This video has everything I need to create my store front easily now! thanks a million

  2. I've been brand registered since 2017 and didn't even know about this feature until a friend told me about it. But I wonder if there is any difference between Amazon PPC ads to the product page, vs Facebook vs Google ads. which type is most effective for driving sales.
    Any comments on this issue?

  3. I created storefront but in seller central it shows store is live with no end date. But when I open my listing, there no option "visit xyz store".
    How to make it available on listing?

  4. Yes, please. I want another video with more detail on each part so that a beginner would understand most parts. Also, does the logo have to be square or can i use a rectangle shape as well?

  5. Thank you for the useful video.

    Could you mind help?
    When I click Stores- Manage Store, I get "Oops, something has gone wrong.

    Error 404. The page handler is not found".

    What can be wrong?

  6. I had submitted my trademark to the USPTO. It was originally for one specific item category (kitchen Boxes and utensils) but now I want to include other names under this trademarked name (Kind of like a blanket Trademark band name with other names and categories underneath. Is that possible?

  7. 1:55 Hi it seems you already created 3 seperate stores. What do u mean by you can only have one store? Do u have to abandon the other 2? But then, why does amazon allow sellers to build seperate stores in the first place? Thank you in advance

  8. please can you help me to sort out my query? i have a store for womens handbags wallets slingbags and more
    while i have made different pages for different for instance in wallet page on the right side its product collection in which the TITLE is mandatory but what ever title i give amzon rejects it.what shall i write over there ?

  9. What if were not going to use a brand logo on our products and simply just resell? can we still create an amazon store front?

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