2 thoughts on “How To Find Wholesale Suppliers”

  1. Dear Ma'am!

    I hope this comment finds you well. I am in the process of listing a new product on Amazon and would appreciate some guidance to ensure a smooth and accurate listing. This is my first time, and I want to make sure I get everything right.

    The product I am listing is a set of 3 plastic boxes, and each box contains 24 elastic hair ties. Therefore, the total number of hair ties in the set of 3 boxes is 72.

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Unit Count and Number of Items boxes:

    Unit Count Box: Given that a single order corresponds to a set of 3 plastic boxes, each containing 24 hair ties, what should I input in the Unit Count box?

    Number of Items Box: Considering I have 10 sets of these 3 plastic boxes with hair ties, what should I input in the Number of Items box?

    I want to ensure that the listing accurately reflects what the customer will receive when placing a single order.

    Waiting For Your Helpful Reply. Thank you for your time and support.

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