27 thoughts on “Answering Your New Amazon FBA Seller Questions! Beginner FBA Q&A”

  1. Hello, I love you content! Your lifestyle is just fab and I definitely want to follow your lead. I’ve stumbled through your account after watching numerous videos and typing various questions into YT. New follower 🙂

    Question: I seen another YT video that Amazon does not like new accounts. Im starting an LLC and am opening separate business account to use but it was not recommended on the video to use any new accounts for at least 45 days and was suggested to just start as sole proprietor and use accounts that have been established. Any input on this? The way I understand is this is just causing Amazon to wave more flags bc of all the switching account information. My thought when opening the LLC was to look as legit as possible bc I’m going all in… TYIA if you took the time to read this far!!

  2. Late to the game, so I apologize if you have addressed this. Your My Little Pony example made me wonder, if you're also factoring in product reviews. My instinct is if it only has 1-3 stars, it's significantly riskier?

  3. Hey Nikki… Could you define Sourcing more clearly please. Is that just going to a store and scanning then coming back another day to buy or is it all in one, scanning and buying?

  4. I'm almost done watching all of your videos!!! I am wondering do you personally pay for taxjar since its only Missouri we have to file sales tax in or do you do something else? This is literally giving me anxiety knowing this may be an additional $100 a month

  5. If you have to explain to someone what profit is, then that person shouldn't be trying to start their own business selling stuff.

  6. Hi! Question please.. If i am selling the same candle that is already on Amazon but it has a different top/lid, so a variation, do i use the same ASIN for that?? The candle does not have a upc barcode on it. Do i need to purchase one??

  7. Hello nikki, is there a minimum product quantity? For example if I got to a store and only find one of a product can I only post that one item?

  8. Hello, I am French living in France

    I would like to do online arbitrage and then during my vacations in the US to do retail

    Is it possible ? What do you advise me? Thank you

  9. Hi Nikki, I am nearly done watching your training videos. I appreciate your direct, no nonsense way of teaching! I am getting all my ducks in a row, i.e. opening separate bank accounts, getting shipping supplies, etc. Thank you!

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