Audio Technica ATH-M40X Review – BEST Headphones Under $100?

Audio Technica ATH-M40X Review covers features, comfort, comparison & sound quality [Links Below] Check Price for …

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  1. These beat a lot of headphones under 200 for me. Sound transfers very accurately and the sound is just balanced beautifully. I even prefer these to any of the headphones in the baerdynamic lineup, as wells the other audio technicas. Getting quality mixes are a priority for me and these get the job done better than anything else I’ve tried. The only complaint I have is I wish there had more soundstage.

  2. No offense, nothing personal, but your credibility to dispense audio expertise is undermined by how poorly you’ve recorded your voice. It’s too low in level, indistinct and washed out in room sound.

  3. Everyone needs to keep in mind: This is not the "Cheaper Version" of the M50x's. These are reference studio headphones. They need to be more flat and not having the heavy artificial bass boost on consumer headphones. These weren't meant to be "casual" listening headphones, but a monitor tool for technicians, engineers and musicians in the studio or on live shows. The flatter frequency response allows you to pick out issues in the mix and are designed to be worn for hours at a time. I personally LOVE these. I keep these in my gig bag, and a pair of the M70x's for mixing/mastering reference checking (Because you should NEVER, EVER mix with headphones)

  4. The M40x aren't really designed for DJ use. You need headphones with a good amount of slam in the lower frequencies for that kind of environment. These headphones are more for mixing, mastering and production in the studio

  5. Just stumbled on this, very late to the party. I have the M40X, and they are very good headphones. Are they my best headphones? No. That goes to the Koss Kph30i, which are nothing short of amazing. They are smoother, and the sound frequency reaches lower. Oh, and by the way, they are about $30. How Koss did it, I don't know, but everyone who loves music should own a pair of them.

  6. I'm familiar with the audio issue if he remove the background noise on the level on that cheap Chinese video editor it will do that i use it too ? if u want to remove background noise u have to record in a quiet area turned off your AC while recording and put the level on low when you edit your sound through it not medium or high it will make you sound like a ? robot … I forgot the program name once i remember i will update my comment. Hope this helps

  7. I bought a pair of these……
    Not clinically clean but very balanced sounding….
    Slighty bland….
    Nothing shines about the sound but it's fairly obvious that they are meant for monitoring……would I buy them again….?
    Don't know…got a set of Onedeo bluetooth or hardline set of phones that even have a detachable boom mic for $35.00 off aliexpress that are way more comfortable and sound like I just sat at multiple types of eq's for hours to line up every harmonic….yeah….thirty five dollars….

  8. I've got the m30x and the senn 579. I love love love the crystal clarity of the 30s, but the bass is totally lacking. The 579s have a beautiful midrange bass I love for listening to Tool, but the mids are too rolled off to where I can't hear the vocals as well as I'd like. Do you recommend the 40x if Id like slightly better bass without sacrificing that gorgeous clarity of the 30s?

  9. M40x has treble boost, M50x has treble cut. M40x has slightly more bass boost than M50x. How can be M40x more neutral?
    Really, reviews should be not done by people who don't have the clue what they are talking about.

  10. These were good for gaming, and were very neutral in music(not very fun sounding to me). However the hinges had really bad durability and broke on me but I didn't have a warranty so I could not get them replaced. How can I prevent the hinges from breaking again with other headphones?

  11. I think I made my choice..A friend of mine was selling the msr7's in gun metal grey for an excellent price but just wasn't 100% on that color. Also I was turned off by how clamping the msr7's were in reviews. I want to use them for recording and want to be comfortable for long periods of time. I like the flat response of these and they sound more comfortable than the msr7's. One thing I'm not 100% sure on is that locking cable..sometimes when I'm playing my keyboard I will get up and have the ear phones rip out of my ears. I had a cheap pair I was using that had a detachable cord and when it happened it just pulled the cord out and didn't hurt my ears. It was a very short cable so I think the with the longer cable this will not be an issue. Looking forward to getting some new headphones soon. Thanks for the reviews!

  12. One thing he doesn't mention, which to me is the biggest difference between the 40x and 50x — comfort. The pads on the 50x are softer, and they are more comfortable. However, I find that the sound quality difference between them is miniscule. The 40x are probably a better value, but I don't think I could wear them as long as the 50x. But even the 50x I have to take off frequently anyway.

    If you get the 40x and you need more bass, use an EQ. I didn't notice them being bass-deficient though.

  13. Hi,What do you mean that, "you can listening your music louder and dont worry to damaging your hearing"? Why these headphones is "safer" from some others? The reason is the distance between ears and the drives?Thanks

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