29 thoughts on “BBC Licence Fee REVOLT! Are you an EVADER?”

  1. I havent paid for about 15 years now (although i also don't have a physical television and frankly wouldn't watch most of the shite on tv if you paid me) – my point that i'll eventually get to ! is that i've found it best to have no contact whatsover. Dont bother "registering" with them – they dont care and will ignore it but first and foremost, you dont work for the bbc. Why would you bend over backwards to help them.

  2. I am questioning whether to continue paying the TV license fee simply because I am on the verge of giving up with the TV broadcasts that it is supposed to license. Many moons ago the TV was an intrinsic part of evening entertainment along with special broadcast occasions and weekend sport. Today, I only watch two programmes a week along with BBC News, which is very poor return on the license fee cost. The plain fact is that there is nothing worth watching, where are the classic comedy series like Only Fools and Horses? Its no coincidence that many classic programmes are available on line, which are infinitely better viewing than the drivel produced today. To satisfy my need for quality news, if I didn't pay the TV license then I would read all the information produced by the BBC on line as a direct alternative to the newspaper reports. I don't believe that the BBC news online is covered as 'broadcast content'. Its a sad state of affairs but terrestrial television has only itself to blame.

  3. My TV is hanging on the wall and last time was use when I had watched House of Dragon last year. Me nd My Hubby watching YouTube more often Then live TV. And I don't watch BBC on YouTube.

  4. I don't pay as I can not bring myself to supporting a business staffed by people who detest their majority audience, uses menace to demand money from its audience, is continually found to be lying to its audience, has an easy to spot leftist agenda and a history of trying to cover up pedophiles

  5. I struggle with screens, T.V. screens are very disorienting, I only use a little kindle as anything that takes up my full field of vision will knock me off balance ( Epilepsy ), and I haven't had a TV since they became flatscreens. I listen to YouTube videos and music. I have Disney+ for my addiction to the MCU and Star Wars. But that's it. I prefer a good podcast or lecture. I'm evading nothing. Except screens that can give me seizures.

  6. I'm careful where i have to spend my money and because they blissfully go about lying about everything slippery pedophiles and dodgy stuff why would i want to watch this when i can subscribe to something i want to listen to

  7. Indeed, evasion is illegal. Avoidance is not. I have avoided paying for a licence fee for the last 17 years simply by not watching any live TV or using iPlayer and therefore, not requiring one. It should be noted that you are under no obligation to communicate with TV Licensing – and I have not done so for the 17 years I have legally been without a licence.

  8. Some years ago I was taken to court for no TV licence. In court they accused me of using a TV without a licence between date xxx and date yyy (about a month). I asked what specific dates they had evidence for and they said I didn't have a licence between those dates. I answered that it is not unlawful to NOT have a TV licence. They have simply ASSUMED that I was breaking the law because I didn't appear on their database as having purchased one. I asked them to provide evidence of the offence and they couldn't. I was not fined.
    I wonder if I was just lucky on that day because it seems to me that most are just rubber stamped as guilty for not appearing on the 'list', with no evidence of the actual offence having been committed.
    What's your take on this? I would assume that as with ANY allegation of an offence the accuser is legally bound to show evidence (innocent until PROVEN guilty?)

  9. I stopped paying my TV extortion in 2014 after I realised I hadn't watched anything that required it for 6 months.

    They were relentless with letters and in person visits demanding I continually affirm I don't need one and some threatening wording of what might happen.

    So threatening in fact that at one point my girlfriend paid it out of fear.

    This made me very angry. We don't need a licence. But they terrified her into paying.

  10. Really simple solution..fuck them never register for a tele licence.. because they will harass you night and day. there from there on in. .much like giving you details to an electoral role. you have a right to data protection..but also a right not to share such information to any third party.

  11. I don't want to see bloke's kissing. But it's too prevalent on television. Or women and women. And I'm not fussed about seeing men and women kissing. I see TV rarely at other people's homes and still witness this. It's out of proportion to reality and annoys me. I'm not a TV person anyway. I also do not agree with the Uk raine story as its put to us. It's a bl**dy fiasco with no consideration for people's lives on all sides. The people of Uk raine. The Russkies. And us who have to pay more for everything because of a political agenda.

  12. Stopped watching broadcast television about 5 years ago now. The other half kind of misses her Eastenders but she has found she can cope without paying over £100 a year for wooden acting

  13. Most sensible thing to do is just not watch the BBC or use the player etc. Horrible programming and mostly lies and propaganda. Why anyone would go to the trouble of evading for such crap content is beyond me.

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