BEST Amazon Keyword Research Tutorial w/ Helium 10 Cerebro

1 way to QUICKLY find the BEST keywords to use in your Amazon listing and Amazon PPC campaigns using Helium 10 Cerebro!

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17 thoughts on “BEST Amazon Keyword Research Tutorial w/ Helium 10 Cerebro”

  1. Just come across your videos they are really helpful, thank you. Just a question.. when you make a+ content. Are the image key words important too? And the alt?

  2. Thank you sir
    So the focus areas are
    No of competitors
    Average pages
    And competitive scores

    But please can you break it down on the recommendation of the amounts of the no of competitors and what should a good competitive score start from?

  3. Almost got me there! Great explanation, thank you. At the 13:07 part in your video, if you were to continue the lesson on optimization instead of going to PPC, what would come next? Would you filter by search volume? Cerebro IQ? How would you get to where you're printing off a list of keywords and handing it to a copywriter, saying: "make sure these make it into the listing"? You're my hero if you can get me clear on this!

  4. Hello Sumner, thank you for the video! I always love these types of in depth vids. If I recently launched my product, and I only rank for 6 in top 10 (SV of 6000 total) and 58 in top 50 (SV of 54000 total), would I include my ASIN as the first ASIN in Cerebro or do this tutorial without my asin (as if this was a kw research starting out)? Thanks again for the vid 🙂

  5. Good Job , Sumner. Just want to ask according to your concept with Filter Ranking Competitor : set smaller number like 3 to 4 is specially for finding keywords in listing and set higher number like 8 to 9 is for PPC campaigns (Highest search volume and most relevant) , correct ? Another question is for filter (Position Rank) if I put 1 to 10 , it also filter out top 10 seller's most relevant keywords rank in page 1, does it serve the same purpose as Ranking Competitor : set 8 to 9 ? Thanks.

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