47 thoughts on “Best Way to Earn by Promoting Amazon Affiliate Links with Pinterest”

  1. I have a question, Sir, please: I noticed, when I tried to write my Affiliate-link in the Pin, it just has a box that says, "Note to yourself" – there is no public-note or product explanation note-box in the pin-edit, only in the board-edit. So my question is where can you write your Affiliate Link?

  2. Thank you, Sir. Your practical explanation of how to grab an affiliate link is the first Video I have seen of how to, step-by-step, get your affiliate code to start posting to your website. I am a beginner, yet, I have already spent one day looking for a step-by-step explanation, and yours is probably the best, and most definitely, the first. I saw other Video presenters just speak about it but not show you step-by-step – for some reason they don't include the most important step with a step-by-step presentation – they seem to think it's a given.

  3. I'm so confused. I set op an amazon associates account, but i don't get that "text" button on the top left corner of the page to get your link. How do i fix this?? I'm a beginner and I'm so lost XD

  4. Hi. I am new to affiliate marketing. Tell me please if Amazon can block or not pay money if I advertise their products on multiple pinterest accounts. How to do it right. Thank you.

  5. Does anyone know if you have to pay to create boards or pins in Pinterest underneath a business account I'm really new and I am really confused I would appreciate your help

    Starting June 15, 2023, the following Product Categories will have updated Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates as per the corresponding new rate in the table below: Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances, Luxury Beauty 0%

  7. Once they post, how would anyone buy through your link on their page? It would seem better for them to make video and send video to you for you to post on your page with your link.

  8. You said literally million times "pinterest" but you concluded your tutorial for Buying TikTokers some items to promote them for you, but you started this video by saying "zero cost". You didn't explain how to promote on Pinterest ?

  9. the start was helpful but ain't no way I'm DMing some rando TikToker to unboxing an item I paid for. Kind of contradicting yourself by telling us not to invest on Pinterest ads, but suggest us to buy someone when I could easily promote myself ?

  10. I heard amazon affiliate will ban you if people go on your site and pin from your site.. is that true? And you can have a code to bypass from that happening but that would be a pain to do each item.

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