24 thoughts on “Can You Really Get Paid to do Amazon Reviews?”

  1. My wife bought supplements and got a gift card which is apparently against Amazon rules so they sent my wife more supplements for free and then they offered more stuff for reviews and videos on amazon but my wife didn’t do it.

  2. I’ve done this with a few companies in the past and never had an issue. I only purchased products that I think I’m actually going to like because I don’t want to lie in my reviews. BUT just this week I’ve had three different “companies” promise to pay me, and then disappear. So if it sounds too good to be true, it really is!!

  3. I was invited into the Amazon Vine program. But I dug deeper and found out that Amazon will send you a 1099 cuz the products you review are considered as income since you get to keep them in exchange for a review. So you gotta pay income taxes on the products value and you aren’t allowed to sell them. So yea free products but you’ll be stuck with a high tax bill depending how the value of the products . But this video isn’t bout the vine program 😅

  4. I responded to a sketchy add on Upwork to write a review for $10. The person who posted the opportunity told me what to say, and I ignored her script. Instead, I reviewed the actual transaction. She paid me anyway. (But I'll probably never see the money. Upwork only remits after you have crossed a threshold. I think it's $100.) Note, Upwork has processes in place to weed out this sort of thing. I'll be smarter next time.

  5. For what it's worth a few years ago I bought an air fryer on Amazon. After I got the item and left a positive review, the seller contacted me and asked me if I wanted a better air fryer for free if I left a five-star review. The entire process was very similar to what you outlined here. They didn't want to send me a link, because Amazon can sense that I clicked the link from Gmail for instance to get there and they wanted it to look "organic" in that I searched for it. But anyway I did buy the fryer for about $150, I liked it, I left a good review, and they refunded my money. Just like you experienced. Then I got contacted by several other sellers asking me about the same process. These are sellers I never dealt with, but they said they would give me all kinds of things like a dash cam, some security cameras, and other things if I left a good review. So I agreed and I did all that. And sure enough they refunded my money. One time however, I got some security cameras that didn't work so I told them I could not leave a good review, and I was going to send the item back for a refund which I did. So, all in all, everything worked out exactly as they said it would, I never got ripped off, but as you mentioned it's probably not ethical. But hey I got some free stuff. 😅

  6. its crazy how this works, I've done it myself for a lot of products but I just delete my review after that, it's a scummy practice
    typically, products will come with a "gift card for x amount of money" in the box
    but when you try to report it to amazon, they do not care(even when it it against their TOS), or if you try to mention ANYTHING about paid/fake reviews amazon will delete your review entirely lol

    I have been shopping on amazon for years and I consider myself lucky for not having any issues with these crap items but I really feel like cancelling prime now, 3/4 of their sellers are chinese and there are not a lot of good brands left…

  7. …. and as the years go by I find myself buying less and less on Amazon, 2 purchases in 2023, and these were for product I could not find at the stores only on Amazon (wonder why?). And I did I look in several stores for these items.

  8. I was curious about Fakespot, and it looks like they closed up shop. I do reviews for Amazon through their Vine program. Sellers want reviews, but we can write what we want and give any rating we wish. We keep the item, but still have to pay taxes (depending on where you live), so technically they are just heavily discounted products. There are pros and cons to it, but I do have a lot of stuff that didn't work out just piling up…and boxes, lol.

  9. I was picked somehow by Amazon after placing an order to join their Amazon Vine program. While I get certain items for free shipped from Amazon, I have ordered $860 worth of crap that I have to pay Federal Income tax on, I will be 1099'd

  10. I curious as to why this is "illegal" when it's literally how half the market works. Bike manufacturers like Trek, Santa Cruz, Specialized, etc will literally send magazines "free" bikes for them to "review" and then write nifty articles about in their next issue. No magazine is going to write a negative review because the manufacturer will stop sending them shit.

  11. i realized when you showed the mobile app for the lights that i actually have them, have been using them in my room for over 3.5 years and they still work well, actually a good product

  12. I never understood removal of reviews that are paid.
    Scrupulous people will accept they don't get paid for the review and only give five stars for good products regardless of pay.
    Unscrupulous ones will lie,but real customers will always out the liars from the paid advertising reviewers

  13. Well buck,I only give tiny reviews
    I'm talking if I love the item the most you'll get is"lovley,item is as described seller communication was perfect"
    If I hate it the most you'll get is"no,just oof"
    I didn't realize people would claim my review was fake if I didn't word good😂
    Sorry Amazon and eBay and other sellers,no review from me from now on.

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