8 Quality World Leadership Designs – (Punch Digital Marketing Revenue)

[ad_1] “If you focus on principles, you empower everyone who understands those principles to act without constant monitoring, evaluating, correcting or controlling” – ‘Leadership Power comes from an honorable character – proactive influence’ – Stephen R. Covey. In the present Digital time, the most powerful people, for instance, one who, is bold without ethics, a … Read more

Hookah Pipes

[ad_1] The body, or govde, of a hookah pipe consists of a curved vessel which holds water. A graceful stem rises from the body and at the top of the stem is a bowl, or lle, which holds the tobacco. From one to several flexible hoses, the marpuc, with a mouthpiece, or agizlik, at the … Read more

E-Marketing and E-Commerce in the Chemical Business

[ad_1] In recent years, e-Commerce and e-Marketing started to move steadily into the new fields of import-export wholesale operations. These used to be very conservative and “catalogue-based” sectors, with the ties between companies being developed in years or even decades, and markets being shared between several big names. The emerging new trends, as it was … Read more

Are You A B.O.S.S.-Boisterous, Omnipotent, Self Indulgent, Sociopath

[ad_1] Boisterous, Omnipotent, Self- indulgent Sociopath. Avoid the B.O.S.S. syndrome with five leadership principles that translate academic leadership theory to real world, 21st century application. There are many academic theories published on leadership. Some of these theories include: Participative Leadership Patricia McLagan & Christo Nel state that, “leadership is about breaking new ground, going beyond … Read more

Project Shakti – A Win Win Situation

[ad_1] “Our partnership with HUL offers the rural entrepreneur a profitable business model while operating i-Shakti kiosks. Also, free delivery and customized products will result in higher benefit through enhanced economic gains for the rural consumers.” ~ Mr. Nachiket More Executive Director, Wholesale Banking Group ICICI “There’s incredible potential in rural markets. That’s where the … Read more

Don’t Forget to Include Subcontracting As an Important Part of Your Business Plan

[ad_1] Earn money early by developing a means to perform more work than you can do alone. People don’t open businesses to work eighteen (18) hours a day; give up the benefits they had when working; or to earn less money than they made on a job. However, if you don’t plan on how you’ll … Read more