Competitor Analysis | How we do make competitor analysis report | Amazon Product

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27 thoughts on “Competitor Analysis | How we do make competitor analysis report | Amazon Product”

  1. Asalamualaikum
    We have watched your video and in the product Amazon competitor sheet we made it and in the sheet the Sell column has nothing in it
    Can you tell me what is the meaning of sell in the sheet?

  2. I used a competitor analysis strategy to grow my business, it was important for me to research what I could do to stay ahead of my competitors. I discovered competitor analysis tools, I use WASK's competitor analysis tool and I even recommend it. Competitor analysis is a good strategy in my opinion.

  3. Bahut acha explanation hai! Tura sa improve topic pe video bnae.usko ache se clear kren like 90s mentor.mean wo topic pura explain kren.don mind I have also channel.but ye acha way hai ap sb live demo KR ke dete ho.thanks a lot.plz make more videos like this live it.

  4. You explain really good but one thing i mention you say BSR will be high but No

    BSR will be low

    Like 1st position
    2nd position
    3rd position
    40th position

    Its mean 1st position is good …
    Its totally like BSR..

    1st Position mean No. 1 Seller in Amazom

  5. Salam,
    Why you are seleting 10 products sequentially after sorting from revenue??
    Might be include multiple materials in serialized selected products. Just for example,
    If we gonna sell silicone spoon but we are seleting stainless steel spoon too by sequentially seleting.

  6. Mashallah sister you have explained it in such a nice way, this is what I was looking for, very in depth, may Allah almighty bless you. Now, I have a question, I am confused that when should I select my competitors, first at the time, when we are searching for keywords, is that the time when we should select our competitors? and then we can do competitor analysis on them?

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