9 thoughts on “Dangers of Sourcing Products When Dropshipping”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your videos. I have learned a lot. I am also wondering if you can help me. It’s about tax responsibilities or business permit needed for Shopify dropshipping? I am in California ?

  2. I ordered a test product from spocket. The supplier listing said it would be delivered in 5 days. It wasn't. On day 10 I contacted spocket for a refund. They promised to check into it and give me an answer by email. Nothing. Contacted spocket twice more and still no response. The supplier was clearly shipping from China instead of the United States. The item was ordered on December 4 and was delivered on December 31. Still no response from spocket and no refund. Vetted? Not very well. And bad customer service.

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