Day In The Life of a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines ??

Hello! I graduated college about 6 months ago with a degree in Business Administration and I now work from home as a Virtual …

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32 thoughts on “Day In The Life of a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines ??”

  1. Hi! I'm 41 years old and also a V.A. I love how simple your life is. Not pretentious, just straight to the point. ?. Planning to get my place also and hopefully experience the same vibe as yours when you sleep as I also easily get cold and love nature's smell ?. I'm planning to settle down in the province but still be accessible to the city. I'm starting to get my self on the right track. I also love video editing and i also do photo editing before. Unfortunately, I don't have any patience with the video editing and my hand starts to hurt on photo editing as I've been doing it for several years. That's why I only do admin tasks now as a v.a. You're still young so save wisely ?

  2. Love your accent! Very natural, hindi OA pakinggan..sarap sa tenga..I am a newbie virtual assistant and still looking for clients up until today. WIsh me luck! And if you have some tips there, I would very much appreciate it! Stay safe

  3. Your diction is sooo nice!!!

    By the way, I'm also a newly-hired virtual assistant (work-from-home) for a digital marketing company and my first day is on May 16. <3
    Doing this job for the first time after 9 years of teaching so I subscribed to your channel after I saw this video to gain some insights. 🙂

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