4 thoughts on “Most Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon”

  1. All I know is Zoof didn't meet my needs and I missed the free trial cancellation, because there is no easy way to do so in your account. So they charged me for a year of a service that has no use to me. They were unwilling to work with me at all, not even a partial refund. I think their service is sub parr and the only way the get money is by hoping someone misses the cancellation deadline! Shady business practice if you ask me!

  2. I have Zoof and it’s excellent but when it isn’t working properly and you reach out to the Customer Service support no one replies back to you. I never had a problem before but lately it’s not working properly. I’ve reached out to support twice in the past two weeks. Still waiting for someone to reply and fix the problem.

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