17 thoughts on “DON'T TRUST AMAZON! | How to Protect Yourself from Amazon | Amazon FBA 2020”

  1. I'm seriously tempted to take my product off Amazon in the next 6 months and start from scratch on Shopify. Sick of this Draconion bollocks. I can't even market my product the way I want because I'm so worried Amazon will find a loophole and suspend my account.

  2. So some numpty who cant use a measuring tape can cause you a much angst, this is ridiculous, I'd lose my shit after they increased it the second time… man!

  3. Just another Amazon trick to keep the Bezos empire growing at the expense of those working the hardest. Amazon fees make selling for profit harder and harder.

  4. Hey Darren,

    Spot on. I had the same problem last year. My product just weighted 90 grams and one day all of a sudden it changed to 12 kgs. With that increase, I had to pay more than double the fees I was paying and my profit dissolved and turned to loss on every single product. Luckily, I did not sell that many at that time. I was in contact with the seller central back and forth for several days and finally managed to fix it. I did ask for the reimbursement for the error which of course I was not responsible, but they declined with no proper answer. I just had to suck it up as we are playing on amazon's field, however, I am checking my listing regularly just to avoid anything like that. It is really noble of you to bring this up as I thought it was some kind of one-off error by amazon's internal system. So, please sellers, just be vigilant and keep an eye on your listings as regularly as possible. Don't Trust Amazon.

  5. Darren, not sure where, but I've read somewhere that amazon will increase the dimension package of the products, let's say by 10%, so they can insert protective paper etc. in their amazon dispatched box … Do you think this can be the case?

  6. Hi Darren, you said you going to measure it { as it come of the box} Please forgive me as I am a newby as to FBA, but should the product be measured boxed? or did maybe Amazon changed they terms and condition without letting you know?
    I wish you get a satisfactory resolution. thanks for keeping us posted.

  7. What a load of bollocks. Hopefully the tape measure photos will sort it out, would be a massive shame to have to lose a product because of this. Good luck mate, keep us updated.

  8. How this is scary. Isn't there a consumer protection organisation especially in the UK to protect against these type of things? Assuming you did a post production inspection, what was the inspection feedback on unit size?

  9. I had the same problem. I currently sell on Amazon US and without alerting me they change the dimensions and right now I am charged $4 more for my product. I tried and I opened 3 cases but nothing happened. That's sad.

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