19 thoughts on “Drop Ship Lifestyle – step by step instructions”

  1. I love your videos! they have helped me a lot. one thing everyone leaves out of their videos is that it is my understanding you do need money up front when drop shipping on eBay or Amazon. Those do not pay out right away so you need money up front. Unless I'm missing something.

  2. Does this work from anywhere in the globe? I reside in the Philippines and I'm interested in drop shipping business.. It really looks a stable and uprising business so I want to get in..

  3. My question is how do you dropship now that ebay has the buyer protection program and we cant pay the supplier because ebay now holds the money before you can ship it to the customer.

  4. Dear Otto, just 1 more thing here..

    I've heard that the money that your customers pays you while purchasing a item goes into the PayPal account first before getting it to you, and people say there's a certain amount of threshold level before you can get your money back from PayPal.. So, how do you pay the dropship supplier for the item before you get your money back for that item from PayPal??

    And a quick one, Salehoo or WorldwideBrands? Which one do you personally recommend? Or should I register for both? 

    Also if you know of a good free directory service to find reliable suppliers across the globe, it would be awesome advise a few.´╗┐

    Thanks again ?´╗┐

  5. Hi Otto, thanks again for such great information.

    I have a simple question for you.

    Let's say you stay in India and you've just created an online niche store targeting the UK.

    You found just two reliable suppliers for your niche, one from India and one from UK.

    So, would you rather do business with the local supplier from India or with a supplier in the UK itself?? Assuming both are reliable and of the same caliber.

    If you had to pick JUST ONE of the above, which one would you choose and why?


  6. hey Otto wanted to know if is it worth getting a tax id number? Just statred selling on ebay for about 2 mouths and selling store returns.making good money just want to know if is it worth the trouble of getting a tax id number 

    have a bless day 

  7. great information. I have a question about dropshiping on Ebay. If a customer buys my item which shipping method do i choose? Because ebay has a list of shipment options would i go ahead and choose one and pay the shipping cost. even tho i might not use any of their shipping choice? I hope my questions not to confusing lol thanks!

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