Dropship eBay Amazon Price Tracker. Track prices from any domain source

This video gives an excellent introduction to our Dropship Price Tracker. We honestly feel this …

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19 thoughts on “Dropship eBay Amazon Price Tracker. Track prices from any domain source”

  1. Does your standard subscription agreement have a confidentiality clause? A buddy of mine used a similar package, and wound up going out of business as every weird item he came up with for which there was no eBay competition had multiple listings from other sellers within 2 weeks of him entering source info into the software.

  2. What if I want different profit margins from different products? How does it calculate shipping charges and sales tax?I can't assume a product has shipping charges or sales tax, so how do we overcome that issue? How do I get in touch with you guys? There is no phone number or Contact Us on your website.

  3. when customer orders on ebay and received the item in an Amazon box, that's when the music begins. customer does a search then on amazon and boom, boom boom boom. some of you know what i mean.

  4. The problem i found with non ebay and amazon sites are if you have a good profit between multiple sites your profit quickly disappears because they make you pay SALES TAX(always) and SHIPPING(sometimes).

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