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  1. I was banned from Amazon in 2003. I sent in an appeal and it was denied back in August, 2017. Amazon has no record of why I was banned. On eBay, I am a Top Rated Powerseller with 100% feedback. On Bonanza, I'm a Stellar Top Seller with 100% feedback. I just don't understandwhy I can't be reinstated on Amazon.

  2. THAT GRANNY HAD ME DEAD. I have to ask you about Salehoo. I know Wholesale2B is legit, and you could have thousands of listings in a day. Salehoo is a different story. I spent the money and went through like a good 30-40 websites. EVERY website either had overpriced or refurbished items. There were some websites that wanted me to sign up for a free reseller account, but time is money. During that time I was browsing websites, I could have been using oaxray or fbawizard to scan some retail websites for arbitrage. Or I could have even driven to the local Target and hit up the clearance section with the Amazon seller app. Needless to say, I got a refund. I was hoping you could give me some thoughts, I know you might not agree with how I see salehoo. I'm hitting up the local scholastic warehouse tomorrow, I can buy popular book fair books for like 50% off. Wish me luck.

  3. Is not that shopify is broken…
    The problem i am encountering is that if I start a dropshipping business , people will not buy because of the long time it takes for a product to come from China…
    And alao that epacket shows the price of the product on the label….
    No way of getting around that…
    Any other business out there for me to try?
    Or I am over thinking it?

  4. Thanks Otto for the info. How are things going with salehoo to date? I do liquidation pallets and it's exhausting. I need replenishable products for sure. Liquidation is hard work. it's onesies and twosies and it sucks.

  5. Another point that noone seems to make mention of… is the HIGHER PRICED items are defaulted to 'best match' on eBay, or in the 'buy box' on Amazon, etc. because these companies take a percentage of the SALE PRICE (IGP) so why would they not place the mid to upper priced items in their 'default' search results??? Many people are apparently so lazy they don't even seek out the best price for a given item, on the site they're shopping on consistently… let alone go to a price comparison site, or do any additional research.

  6. This was very, very helpful. Thank you, and I've subscribed and will pass this on as well. Here in Miami, FL to do dropshipping you have to file a fictitious name $$, then get a P.O. Box for business $$, then file for a TaxI.D. #. I'm on the last one now. My plan is to drop ship Pepper Spray & Stun Guns, my target is for Women to arm, protect and feel safe cause times are getting harder out here and people are getting desperate. Any info you can give me, is priceless and very much appreciated. God bless you and thanks again. U Rock!

  7. Good day Otto, I have a quick question. You say list 10 Items a day for a week. With E-bay new accounts can only list 5 items or max of a few $100. Is there a way to get around that?

  8. I would love to know how much it costs to start up with the 3 drop ship supplies? I need to keep budget in mind first. If I have to start with one supplier a month who is the best to go with? I still have a lot more research to do… but I am determined, have the time and I am ready.

  9. How many do you have posted at one time? I know you said to post 10 items a day for 7 days but what's ideal? How many items do you think a successful dropshipper has going at once?

  10. I need help finding profitable items to dropship on amazon.. I'm doing pretty good on ebay because yes it's true.. When it all comes down to it it's all about volumes.. However, with amazon is different.. There's a way to determine sells, and I learn this from doing FBA.. Basically, all you have to focus on is rankings.. I don't want to focus on just keep listing on amazon because you have to have some type of capitals to start.. Unlike eBay, you can use your buyers money immediately to purchase the item.. I see people on facebook dropshipping on amazon having only 10 items and making a shit load of money from it.. Is there a tool you use to dropship on amazon or you just keep listing?

  11. What's the best way to pick the "right" product?. Started a store previously not sure that was the "right" niche and definitely wasn't the right supplier. Any tips?

  12. Thanks for the video, I tried to reach out to you privately through the facebook link you have above and got someone else. He says he says he always gets messages for you and its not him. check your link and please provide a facebook link where I can reach out…. thanks

  13. The difficulty with dropshipping on Amazon is they hold funds till indicated as shipped.I had attempted dropshipping with inventory source but had real issues getting my pricing right and competitive.This may have been due to my own understanding and despite the fact that inventory source helped me price it still was tricky.Also, one needs funds as once the orders flood they have to be ordered soon as not to affect the Amazon account. Any insight on inventory source.I also tried Wholesale2b and found the product range is okay but again so much competition and very low profits.

    If you have any videos or or sights and other comments it would be great.Thanks

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