EASIEST Way to Find a Product | Amazon Dropshipping Guide

Avoid the #1 way dropshippers are getting suspended on Amazon! Our complete Amazon dropshipping tutorial will make sure …

amazon fbm fees

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  1. So, through the police, I can sell it out of stock, buy it from Walmart after the sale, and send it to an intermediary preparation center, where it will take all the Walmart IDs, and put those from my store, and from there send to the end customer. A traditional FBM, just changing that the sale comes out first, correct? A kind of cross docking. That would be 100% allowed, correct?

  2. I still honestly don't understand how can we meet the 1st policy criteria (be identified as the seller, etc) if the product is delivered from a 3rd party… Can they send the product with just and only the buyers info? Thanks!

  3. 1:32 it states setting your own address as the return address. Does this mean you'll have the costumer if ever unsatisfied send their products back to you rather than the distributor?

  4. You can’t just select sell this item too, you have to get approved by seller , that sucks they killed dropshipping and making it easy , and you don’t want to sell items from china , cheaply made , won’t be accurate and take forever to ship , will just ruin your name ?

  5. thank you so I'm a bit young compared to people who want to make money but I don't fell like doing a lot I will do something else but right now this help and later I could use this as a side hustle.

  6. Don't you have any moral issue showing people how to rip off others ?

    Not trolling, real question. I was looking "how to avoid dropshippers" but I noticed there are more videos showing how to be a dropshipper han how to avoid them.

  7. Thanks for this video!! Is there a way to automate the orders from Amazon to The drop-shipping company? Meaning, instead of seller manually insert buyer’s address to place order in the drop shipping company, some programs or system can get it done for you? Or sellers always have to manually enter one by one per each sale. Thank you!!

  8. Hello JS. Very good information I was wondering. How does the shipment works when people order the items in my listing does it automatically orders it on the drop shipping website? Or do I manually order it from their website to be sent to consumer ?

  9. Urghh.
    I've been selling some products using Hustle Got Real here in the UK, but I only made a few sales every month. It cost £50 on service fees including Amazon's, so I didn't really get any profit. as all my listings had around £3-5 profit while the listing had a value of hundreds. I had to keep the margin low to get a little more sales and get the buy box more often. I'll check how Jungle Scout works as I think it'll be really useful!

  10. Allow me to tell you that you’re so awesome!! Your videos are concise, simple, and get right to the point. Every time I want to learn something about selling on amazon I look for your videos first.

  11. This is Amazing video for dropshipper but i am stuck how to setup shipping template with dropshippers like CJ , please guide me this will be big help for me or people like me who are struggling,

  12. Hello I have a question. Wouldn't we need to advertise the product and get a couple of sales before hand. Before amazon shows the product to other people? Doesn't Amazon need to see that your product sells before recommending it? Even If you have your search words people would type in on your product locked down? How would you go about that? You show us how to do everything but wouldn't it be useless without knowing how to get yourself out there?

  13. Great videos thank you but i want to clarify if i can receive funds without a tracking number and how many days to receive money when the client buy on amazon? Thanks in advance

  14. Thank you so much for great information. I am from ??.
    My mind is stuck on a question that ….as a customer place an order on our listing, to whom the customer will pay the product price? In short , what is the overall payment process?

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