15 thoughts on “Ebay and Amazon alternative 2016”

  1. Man this truly helped me real talk, I'm going to give the website a shot, but I do have a question? Do you have any information about Yahoo store and how lucrative that could be for an ecommerces market as well as traffic flow?

  2. OT Very good video.. Did you have an LLC and EIN to open up your own eCommerce store and to sell on Amazon??  Also how do you like ebid?

  3. Hi, thanks for the great tips. I think you mean salehoo though. Please stop saying Saleshoo! 🙂  Saleshoo looks like a mimic site that doesn't have the same reputation. Alot of  people may be directed to the wrong site

  4. ebay put a hold on my account over a payment that they wouldn't take out of my account, even tho I tried for 4 months to.  I coulda prolly got back on, but I'm mad now that they ruined my business so I'm like fuck them.

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